fac -es/ing criticism

(quick sketches)

practising people drawing is probably my favourite part of practising art, but yet here I am once again faced (ironic word choosing, I’d say) with the problem of feeling amateur. This is something I believe many artists have faced with – being unsatisfied with drawing typical drawings. I once heard a very good art student say, how she didn’t like drawing faces because it was such an original thing to do, something every person on Instagram has attempted to do.

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creative space

i wouldn`t call myself an artist. not yet. but i believe my creative process and the works i make are what consume me. every one of my strokes of pen or ink on the back of my notebooks make the person i am.

i am more than grateful to my mother for giving me the opportunity to create in the space of my old house. she has given it in my hands. i made my old room as a small studio, where i am able to create not only for art school but also for myself.

creating photos for products is beyond satisfying as it allows me to express myself while also making myself think in terms of advertising. i grow with every photo i take.