fac -es/ing criticism

(quick sketches)

practising people drawing is probably my favourite part of practising art, but yet here I am once again faced (ironic word choosing, I’d say) with the problem of feeling amateur. This is something I believe many artists have faced with – being unsatisfied with drawing typical drawings. I once heard a very good art student say, how she didn’t like drawing faces because it was such an original thing to do, something every person on Instagram has attempted to do.

Obviously, I shouldn’t be hurt. At all. It was not even slightly directed to me. But in my paranoid brain, I remembered my love for drawing faces and started analysing. She was in a way right, I mean, drawing faces IS something EVERYONE does, right? So I put that aside and didn’t draw faces as much. The next hit to my artistic feelings was when some whiny boy, after seeing my doodle Instagram, presented with his opinion of my drawings being ”typical 15-year-olds depressive doodles”. I said I didn’t care but I did, in fact so much that after just a week I deleted it.

BUT today I do not care about it as much. I draw what and as much as I can to get to my goals, I seek professional criticism and accept it without being personally hurt,  I LOVE drawing faces and I love making my friends happy by drawing portraits of them.

So what I wanted to tell you (even though I never intended to make any posts that spoke to others except to me) is that do whatever you want without worrying about it being ”cool” enough, because what I’ve learnt is that the coolest people are the ones that work hard and do their own thing.

If you have some tips and comments about my drawings, I more than encourage you to tell me! 🙂


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